Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bloody Lake

can you help me on this?

i keep having reoccuring dreams of me being in a lake in the middle of no where, when i look down the water is bloody all around me and i freak out, as i am panicking a stillborn child rises up from the water and an angel comes down and says to me he didn't want to be here yet. i ask why and the angel laughs at me and i start to cry, while i am crying i fail to notice that there is something else in the water but what i don't know its some kind of mystical creature such as like the Loch Ness but it is not harmful to me it gently rubs across my legs with its nose and disappears into the lake then i hear a loud scream from the other side of the lake and i wake up. can you tell me what this means or am i just having a very interesting imagination, but how so when it is reoccuring.

thank you for your time ,


Good morning, Annie.

You are correct, recurring dreams nearly always contain a message. The dream happens again and again because we're not getting that message. Let's try to break yours down a bit, because the symbols are widely varied.

Water tends to represent spiritual or emotional issues. If the water is bloody, the emotions are very negative, possibly violent.

A stillborn child could represent any plan or project which has been canceled. By rising from the water, this is the direct result of the negative emotion or experience.

Angels are usually seen as protectors, or messengers. In this light, an angel which "doesn't want to be there yet" could mean that the experience was one for which you weren't ready. Having the angel laugh at you could suggest an authority figure (a parent or teacher, or even your own conscience) from whom you would want approval but instead get disapproval or derision.

Your comfort comes from another source. It is hidden and somewhat bestial in nature, suggesting baser, possibly secret emotions at work. One can easily infer from the screams that this mythical beast has exacted some kind of revenge on your behalf.

It's difficult to be precise because I don't know what's going on in your life right now, but my guess at this point is that you have a specific guilt on your mind, possibly due to a selfish decision recently made. If the rest of this message suggests something else to you, though, then I would go with that instead.

Pleasant dreams,


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