Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Good morning, Dreamers.

This is my own dream, presented so my readers will have a shot at "dreamwalking" me. Click on "comments", or send an email, to have a go.

Pleasant dreams,


I was taken to a carnival by my Aunt Barbara. My sister Karen was there, too, as well as a few others.

There was a gambling machine at the carnival that was advertised as "scientifically advanced," but in reality it was a real clunker antique. I threw a dollar bill in and pressed a button. A huge mechanical arm rose and fell -- nothing came out. But the wind blew a couple of bills out of the machine's bin (a huge open cage) to the ground. I picked them up.

I came back to the machine, analyzed its weakness. I could see that if I just hung around long enough, the wind would blow more money out of the bin. I threw in another bill and pressed the button, just to keep up the appearance of playing the game. I got a minor jackpot. Some of the money was fake (blank pieces of paper), but not all. I gathered up my winnings to take back to the car.

By this time, Karen was with me and helped with the money. On the way, some man with a woman on his arm stopped me and said that he recognized my face from a Web page. He said some black guy was trying to reach me; was my name Pendragon?

"I'm Pendragon," I replied, already thinking that the guy he's talking about must be an old Army friend, Derrick. "I'll come back here after I put this away."

I did go back later, pen in hand, ready to take whatever information the young couple had for me.

What do you think?

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