Friday, June 1, 2012

Christmas Play

Dear Peregrin,

Last night I had this dream and in the dream I was volunteering my time at a Christmas play that my friend was in. I had to go straighten out the "snow" on the risers that the actors were standing on, but the snow was like globs of glue and I got some on my shirt. Then this guy got a wet paper towel for me to clean it off, but he acted like he was going to clean it off the front of my shirt, so I took the towel real fast. In The second part, I was walking up a long stairwell with my friend and this guy who I recognized from grade school told her to make a deal with a rival basketball team (she plays basketball, and when we got up to the top, we saw the team there selling candy bars, and she made the deal. The third part was I was in a shopping mall, in the food court, and I passed this old guy friend of mine who I always had a crush on. At first we just passed each other and then we realized who we were and we both turned around and I said "oh my God" I immediately ran over to him, but tripped and fell flat on my face. Then I got up and we hugged. The weird thing about this part is I know I've had this dream before. What does it mean when you have reoccurring dreams?



Good morning, Ashley.

We tend to have recurring dreams when the message is important but we just aren't getting it. They usually stop when we understand them, or when we no longer need that particular message.

Most dreams are about feelings - how we feel about something in particular. Your dream may actually be three separate dreams, but we'll proceed as if it were one and see if the message makes any sense.

In the first part, you are working on scenery, which places you in the background, supporting your friends. You get messy doing this, meaning that you're the one doing the dirty work. Furthermore, it's sticking to you and it's not really even your mess - possibly a reference to a rumor, making you guilty (or dirty) by association. However, you reject an offer of help, feeling that it would mean getting too familiar with someone that you're not comfortable with - you'd rather clean up your own mess, even if it isn't really yours.

It always sounds a bit shady to make a deal with a rival team, and finding that they are selling candy seems to be a direct reference to "selling out." Someone - maybe a friend or maybe yourself - is in danger of sacrificing their values. This kind of deal is best avoided. This could very well tie in with the first part - it could be the mess.

I can't help but think that your fall in the third part means that you think you're "falling for" someone. It could be the guy pictured in this dream, or it could be someone else, probably from your past. The mall setting usually is very social, particularly if you are young. The fact that you don't' recognize each other at first may be telling you that you don't even realize that you have feelings for this person, whoever he is, but it is someone you know. I don't see how this ties in with the first two parts, but perhaps you do.

Pleasant dreams,


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