Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brown England

Dear Peregrin,

I had this dream, and the entire thing was in the color brown.

I dreamt that me, my dad, and my brother moved to England, and they flew back and left me there.

I woke up feeling somber and brave.


Good morning, Jesser.

This seems to be primarily a fairly standard abandonment nightmare. It usually happens to pre-teens, and comes from a fear of being alone, without support. This particular abandonment is more complete than usual, as you're taken to a completely different country first, so that you're separated from all your friends as well as family. Plus, considering your age, it likely comes, not from a fear of abandonment, but rather from a feeling that you are already cut off from support from those who should care about you.

What I find interesting is the monochrome background, and your reaction to being left alone in a foreign land. A sepia-tone picture is often seen in old-fashioned tintype pictures, which could mean that you have felt disconnected from everyone for quite some time. Plus, you face the situation bravely - possibly this is how you prefer things to be.

Pleasant dreams,


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