Monday, June 4, 2012

Weird Vacation

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamt last night I was on a vacation with my family and we were all going to a gym to work out together (kinda weird :-} ) well the gym turned into a giant theater by the time we got inside, and we brought my dog and cat in too (unleashed). At one point my dad stayed with my little brother, sister, and our dog in the first theater room, but me, my mom, and my cat all went into the next room through some doors. Then I started to get really worried about my pets so I started to look for them.

My dream then "changed" and I was on an overnight field trip with my class. The first thing I remember is buying breakfast there, everything was really over priced and the clerk kept giving me and trying to charge me for food I didn't order. I ended up spending like $20.00 for a Krispy Kreme donut and a carton of milk.

Next we went as a class into the theater, but this time I was sitting next to this kid in my class, (To clarify I don't find him attractive, but he is funny). Well, he put his arm around my shoulder and I rested my head on his shoulder and we watched some kind of informational movie. This is the point of time in which I woke up.

Muchas Gracias!


Good morning, Hope.

Going to a gym with your entire family and pets may seem weird, but it has a specific meaning. You're going there to work out together - which is to say, there are issues that you feel you have to "work out" with your family. The pets, obviously, cannot participate in this process, but they could be one of the things that needs to be worked out - for instance, whose responsibility are they? Or, the pets could represent other responsibilities - specifically, yours.

Once inside, the setting changes from gym to theatre. This places you in the role of observer (although the later reference to an educational movie can also mean that there are things you need to learn). At this point there is a split in the family - and in the responsibilities, since the dog goes with one group and the cat goes with the other.

Pay attention to the groups here - you go with your mother, while the younger siblings stay with your father. Also in your group is the cat, which is often associated with the feminine regardless of the actual gender of the animal. This tells us that the message here deals directly with feminine issues, which you can learn only from your mother - she being the mature female, and you growing into one. You leave because you're worried about your pets, which at this point could represent ties to childhood.

The jump to the overpriced cafeteria is so dramatic a change that it almost seems like a separate dream, but I can see a possible tie-in here. Everything costs too much, which can be saying that becoming more mature has a high price attached - as it indeed does. You feel you're being cheated - the clerk wants to charge you for food items that you didn't even order. Of what are you being cheated? Again, it's possible that it's your childhood. Or it could be time (using the cliche, "time is money").

The return to the theatre doesn't necessarily mean that you're attracted to the guy in the next seat. However, he does represent someone you are comfortable being with. It sounds like what you're wanting is a close friend from your peer group, someone to confide in (lean on) and possibly someone to learn with.

Pleasant dreams,


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