Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New School

I've just remembered parts of this one.

I am at a school which is situated on the side of a hill. I have my badges from the school I completed Senior at. I am registering myself or something and this girl stands beside me. I am wearing my old Senior uniform. I look at the girl beside me and say "Wow! Linda ! I haven't seen you since Senior!". I finish what I had to do at the window which looked into an office. Like admin. And I went off to get my new school uniform which was of a blue check/tartan. The surroundings remind me of the trees found in the Colorado National Park. But I am not 100% sure if it was USA.

I am wondering whether my Guide is trying to tell me that I need to move back to the States (even though I am not a citizen), or there is a place in the country I am from that I am supposed to move to.

Peace to all.


Good morning, qtkai.

I can't say whether your dream about registering for school is a
message that you should move anywhere. To me, it seems to be saying that you're ready for another learning experience in your life. You meet an old school friend during registration, which I think means that you do not have to leave anyone or anything behind in order to continue your education.

The blue check/tartan sounds interesting - exactly like the kind of symbol that only you can truly identify. That's where I'd reccommend looking next.

Pleasant dreams,


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