Monday, June 11, 2012

Street Sniper

I don't remember much of this dream but all I do remember was that I was at my Nan's house and there was some crime going on, I cant remember what it was, but 1 person ran across the road and has he did he got shot and fell, so did another person and another. As I walked off I look at one of the people and it was a good friend of mine (who had phoned me earlier in the day in real) One of her hands was missing, her right eye was bruised & she had a large gash in her stomach. I know I can't remember much but can u help interpret this part for me?


Good morning, Laura

Getting "shot down" can refer to a public humiliation. This would be something that happened close to home, and it could involve a theft (cutting a hand off is a traditional - VERY old - method of punishing a thief).

Since this happens to people as they try to cross the road, this can be a reference to crossing a line - going too far. It can also refer to switching sides.

I know this isn't much, but I don't see much to go on here. Hope it helps.

Pleasant dreams,


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