Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I keep having dreams in the last part of my sleep, about being in USA. I live elsewhere in the world, though I have previously lived in USA, where my husband comes from.

One dream I have had recently is that I am in a classroom sitting in one of those chairs with the lecture/writing board attached to them. remember the teacher saying that I was 1 of 6 international students. It looked like the students were college freshmen.

The other dream I had - just hte other day- I was driving along a major road in what I can gather was NYC but one of "The Towers" (aka WTC) was still errect and hadn't fallen down - it still had the side missing where the plane came in contact. All of the windows had been blown out. In the far distance, on the horizon behind The Tower, it was very hazy and smokey.. like bushfire smoke.. it was as though I was looking north. When I was driving I was going up the exit ramp of a Route 90??? I can remember the number 90 on one of those large traffic signs which hang above the road. I successfully dodged the on coming traffic.. and there were times were I was too invovled in looking at the scenery and found myself driving towards the left hand side of hte road where I came to the edge of the bridge, but was able to get back in the lane.. though the car kept wanting to go to the left. The scene changes I am apparently down the street or in teh 'burb near Manhatten. I see the glass looking totem pole statue thin which I have seen 'irl' in Stockholm Central Station mall. I wanted to take a photo of it, but the teenaagers.. or early 20's wanted to go inside for some reason. The place looked pretty deserted.

This is all I can remember, sorry.


Good morning, qtkai.

To have dreams about the place you used to live could indicate a desire to get in touch with your past. On the other hand, to dream about the place your husband is from could mean you would like to get closer to him. The classroom setting of your first dream could support either one.
You have five other students, all freshment, trying for the same thing. If the dream is about wanting to be closer to your husband, then being told that you're "one of six" could mean that you don't feel as if you're first in his eyes - other people or activities have equal or greater importance. If it is about wanting to get in touch with your past, then I'd look to a time about six years ago for a clue as to what, exactly, you want to reclaim.

The dream about the drive seems to speak more of your own past. You visit a place that you have been, and want to take a picture. Pictures are taken primarily to assist memory, which tends to support the idea that you're wanting to reclaim a memory from your past.
You see a single tower from the WTC standing, and that one is half-destroyed. This could represent a relationship in trouble. You drive past this, however - you're not caught in the middle of it.

A road trip usually speaks of where we're going. You're driving, which is good because it means you're in control. However, you have trouble keeping the car going straight. It pulls to the left - this says to me that you are fighting your emotions - the car wants to follow your heart, but you keep it under control.

It might be interesting to follow your series of USA dreams - eventually, a pattern will emerge which should tell you exactly what they're all about.

Pleasant dreams,


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