Friday, June 15, 2012

Bologna in Milk

Hi there,

I dreamt with my deceased fiancee bout a week ago. In the dream, he is giving me something to drink. He gives me milk, but in the milk, there was a piece of cold cut, bologna I believe.

When I think of this dream, I think my beloved is warning me of my ex. That my ex is "feeding me Bologna" (basically "feeding me crap!"). I feel the milk represents my ex, trying to cover up his "real intentions" his "true colors." Those "true colors," which is the disguise that he "cares" when in truth, he does not. I believe my beloved was trying to tell me that. Since then, I have not had communication with him (my ex).

What do you think of the dream? I would really appreciate an interpretation. Thank you.


Good morning, Isis.

I have such mixed emotions about this...

You don't need my help.

You have come to nearly exactly the same conclusion that I would have, given this dream. About the only difference that I can see is, I would have said that the warning came from your own subconscious, which took on the appearance of your fianc�o give you the message that the warning can be trusted.

As far as the bologna in the milk goes, those interpretations are right on the mark. Something about your ex is triggering your BS detector, and you should be wary of appearances. The bologna comes covered in the appearance of kindness (i.e. "the milk of human kindness"). To use an older cliche, beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Pleasant dreams,


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