Monday, June 25, 2012

Don't Kill Me

Dear Peregrin,

Okay, this guy came to the screen door at my house and I was about 5 metres away in the kitchen and he was pointing a gun at me through the door yelling at me, and I remember that I was begging him not to kill me because I didn't want to die, then he just ran off

Thank you,


Good morning, Fiona.

Nearly everyone at some time or another dreams of being threatened or chased by a stranger. These dreams tend to come from our basic fear of the unknown, particularly the future.

The stranger in your dream stands outside your kitchen door. He is not in the house, indicating that what you fear is external. He's yelling at you - perhaps you fear harsh words or confrontations. Your rejections seems to be enough to drive him away, indicating to me that what you fear may not be as threatening as you think - if you don't let criticism touch you, then it won't.

It's also possible that you are allowing your fears to deprive you of opportunities to learn.
Sorry for the vagueness of this translation, but that's about all I can get from this short description. I hope that it is of some help to you.

Pleasant dreams,


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