Friday, June 8, 2012


This is an event that occurred in the middle of my dream last night. None of the events prior to or after this event seem at all relevant. Especially since I can't remember them.

Anyway, I was in this store going through this rack of jackets that had been marked for clearance. Most of them were leather, and I had been looking for a leather jacket that I LIKE for some time in a reasonable price range. So, we're scanning through when I suddenly find this plot of like leather jackets in a style I absolutely LOVE. Only problem is, across each of the jackets are a set of letters, a short word, or a part of a longer word. These letter sequences never exceeded 5 letters in length. This doesn't seem to phase me, even though the letters do mar the attractiveness of the jacket. I draw out one in particular that I like above the others in my size. The letters across it spelled out "SHELL." Despite the jacket was everything I wanted outside of the letters written across it, I was still hesitant to buy it since the price was still kind of high. I bought it anyway.


Good morning, Espiara.

Jackets serve two purposes - they protect us from the elements, and they present an outer image to the rest of the world. This is what you're looking for - an image which tells everyone who you are, while at the same time keeping you safe from unwanted attention.

The word SHELL on the jacket you finally select may indicate that your current public image is really something that you're hiding behind - the emphasis is more upon keeping yourself safe. As a result, you're not quite satisfied with how attractive you appear to be, but ultimately accept it. Of course, the price is going to be a little high, because all new experiences and relationships come with a certain amount of risk. You're forgoing risk in favor of safety. You may want to re-evaluate your lifestyle choices - not because this is always a bad decision, but because you deserve to know what your choices will cost.

Pleasant dreams,


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