Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tiger Parade

I was in the house that I grew up in in the country. I was there as an adult and Lauren (my daughter), an adult male cousin, and my pet cat, Iggy were there. It was dark outside. and we were sitting on the screened front porch. The tarot card reader that I often go to was there and he was telling me my future. But then, my cat started talking and telling me that he wasn't telling me accurate information. And so my cat started predicting the future. telling me all about my future with the man that I'm in love with. The future was sounding rather nice.

All of a sudden, these huge glow in the dark masks were floating around out side. It was frightening. But then, the masks turned out to be large, beautiful albino tigers. They were parading through town. Just passing through. Not wanting to hurt anyone. There were hundreds of them. My cat was on the porch having a conversation with them. *shrugs* Anyway, when I noticed it was tigers, I called for my cousin to come and help lock up the windows and doors so they wouldn't get in.

I noticed that the back door wouldn't close, so I screamed to my cousin to come and fix the door because I couldn't do it. But instead of my cousin coming, the guy I am in love with appears and fixes the door. And I remember saying, "Wow, it sure feels good to have a man in the house again."

What on earth can this mean? I can tell u that I was married awhile ago.


Good morning, Nneka.

The tarot reader in your dream represents someone who is telling you things that you don't want to hear, specifically about your future with your husband. The future told by your cat is the one you'd rather have. The tigers, being related to the cat, show that the actual future - being unknowable - does have its dangers. However, you feel safer being married despite the risks.

Congratulations, and pleasant dreams.


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