Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Balcony

Hi Peregrin

I am standing on a large white stone balcony over looking a sea inlet or large lake. I can see mountain ranges to left and right of the water. In the foreground lush green foliage is dancing in the warm scented breeze. This is a place of much beauty and I feel contentment and peace here. Standing before me on the balcony, two men are facing each other with less than a foot between them in length. I sense these men feel no animosity towards each other.

The older man is Caucasian with long flowing white hair. He is wearing a long white flowing gown. The younger man is a middle aged Negroid. His hair is closely shorn. He is bare-chested and is wearing some sort of animal skin round his lower torso. Both men are the same height. I have feelings of comfort with both men.

The older man informed the younger man, "I pass her over to you, but you must look after her and not hurt her."

I wake up feeling a great sense of relief.

I thank you for you time and attention.

Sweet dreams,


Good morning, Sophia.

Your two men remind me of the Superego and the Id - or, if you prefer, the Voice of Reason and the Voice of Passion. That they feel no animosity toward each other indicates a healthy mind, at peace with itself - and apparently at peace with its surroundings, too, if the idyllic setting of this dream is any indication.

As you are "passed over" to the more primal man, I see a message that you are to follow your heart, rather than your head. Perhaps not permanently, but certainly as it applies to some current issue in your life. The warning to the younger man to not hurt you is a warning to you - don't get hurt. That this warning was necessary is evidence enough that you could be hurt - most likely, emotionally.

The setting itself could be nothing more than a peaceful place of power for you. The body of water suggests an emotional or spiritual issue. You are overlooking the lake, as you are thinking "over" the problem at hand. The arrangement of the landscape could be reminiscent of a female body, if I understand the description correctly. If this is so, then the problem could be sexual or reproductive in nature.

Overall, I see this as a positive dream. Even though you are "passed over" from one man to another, the total message is that you are in control.

Pleasant dreams,


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