Monday, June 6, 2011

Drugged KoolAid

Dear Peregrin,

I woke from a strange dream that I couldn't forget about or put aside, so I thought I'd put it to print and see what you thought about it.

In my dream, my family and I were moving into a new house. Nothing really strange about that, except that during the process, my father died. (My father had been dead for several years now). I think because we were moving etc. that funeral and burial arrangements were put off for some reason. The other thing was that there was my grandmother too. She was dead, but had been dead for years. I am not sure why she was there. We had them each laid out on a table, like in a morgue but they were in the house.

They kept moving around and trying to wake up like. Trying to say something, trying to look around etc. I was aware of this, and would go over and hold them against the tables they were on. They were no threat, but I wished they would just stay quiet and still like dead people were supposed to do. I also knew that they were starting to deteriate, and that was gross to me. I didn't want to have to be touching them.

I talked to my mother about it and she said that they had made arrangements to bury them finally, and that it would not be long now. They were to be burried in the back yard of the new place. I threw a fit about that. For some reason, I did not want graves to be in the back yard of this new place.

I tired of arguing with my mother about it, went to sit on the back porch with my other sibs. While sitting there, a young man walked around from the side of the house, and I made him go to the front of the house and knock on the front door. I explained to him that if he met our mother and she let him in, that he could walk through the house and come out here with us, but that he first had to pass my mothers inspection. Sure enough in a few moments, he came through the back door onto the porch with us.

Sitting there, I noticed a tree with a tree house in it, and I climbed up there, and found in the tree house a small box, kind of like a cigar box. I was curious, and opened it up. I found crayons, a spoon, a plastic bag with sugar crystals in it, candles, six dollars, and some other odd items. I figured that the spoon and sugar were the remains of some kids koolaid making items from his school lunch. I took some of the crystals out of the bag and placed them in my cheek. They did not taste sweet though. I kept sucking on it thinking that it would something must be wrong with my taste, but finally, I figured that it was not going to taste like sugar, and it may not even be sugar after all. I spit it out.

I was sitting in the tree house looking down at the ground, and was still spitting because the taste was still in my mouth. I noticed that my spit had taken on the consistancy of mercury... thick and slow moving, bouncing off branches on it's way down, jiggling and wiggling but staying together.

It then hit me that I was drugged, and that the crystals must have been crack cocain. I also remembered seeing that the kid had written on the lid of the box. "I love my coke". Niave as I am , I thought it meant cola.

I started calling to my sister and her new friend to help me down out of the tree. I wanted to take these things to the authorities. I knew there were things in the box that would identify the kid that it belonged to.

I woke up from this dream while on my way down from the tree.

As a last note, in the dream, I was not a child, nor was I the age I am now. I was probably in my late teens.




Good morning, Linda.

Your ancestors may be dead, but they are still a part of you. Your age in the dream (teen) may indicate that "moving into a new house" represents a time of new maturity.

You don't want to touch the dead people. It sounds as if your subconscious has a message for you. There is a lesson to be learned, one that makes you think of your departed family. Perhaps it has something to do with death itself; maybe realization of your own mortality? You find the message distasteful. You do not want death to be a part of your new life. You would rather put it from your mind entirely.

Interesting that the young man must pass your mother's inspection; you do have a great deal of respect for the wisdom of your elders. Does informality bother you? Or, has someone offerred any advice recently without being asked for it? Your mother, in this instance, could represent your inner authority figure, the one that insists upon controlling everything. The young man could be a new person or idea that has you suspicious (also implied here is a sense of protectiveness toward your sister). Since he does pass the "mother test" in your dream, the new person or idea is most likely legitimate.

The encounter with the drug suggests a fear of inadvertently losing control. It could also be a continuation of the mortality theme, because it implies the reality that you can be harmed by very innocent-seeming actions. When you call your sister for help, there's the reliance upon family again. I would guess that you are very close to most (if not all) of your family. There's also a sense of duty implied here, and a trust in authority.

Pleasant dreams,


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