Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teaching My Kids

Good morning, Dreamers.

I'm going to try something different here at DreamWalker: Occasionally, I will allow my readers to take a crack at translating on of my dream. Just click on the "comments", or open an email, and fire away!

Pleasant dreams,


I half-awakened several times during the course of this dream. Each time this happened, I felt myself slipping directly back into the dream state, though it seemed as if it could have been an OOBE state instead.

At any rate, I was in my bedroom, but there was a lot more stuff in it; it almost seemed as if it were an efficiency apartment instead. My children were in the room. I told them I wanted to teach them something; it was important and they would have fun with it. I demonstrate how to float in the air, and how to telekinese small objects. My son (14) thinks it's cool, and my daughter (4) is absolutely delighted with this new way of playing. I remember, while "calling" objects to my hand, I mis-time the catch a couple of times, sending it flying across the room instead.

When I awoke, I asked my children about their dreams. My son could not remember any dreams, but my daughter described "moving things but not even being close to them." When I asked who else was in her dream, she said her brother and mother were there, but not me.

What do you think?

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