Friday, June 17, 2011

Lottery Ticket

hi there.

Yesterday I had a dream that I scratched off a lotto ticket..(it was an orange/red colored type ticket) you know how when you win, there are letters on the ticket that spell out the amount you won in the abbrevated form? Well it said ..F O U R T Y T H O U S ...It was strange, I had to use a key to enter it into a door? And when the key lit up, in the door, it was an indication that I had in fact won the 'fourty thousand' dollars...

Here comes the good part, lol.. I had threw a party and I lost the ticket!! I searched the house up and down and inside and out for it with no success..I remember hiding it in a hockey stick..*shakes head* lol but when I went back to it, it was gone.. It felt so real.. I was so upset..and then I woke up after kicking everyone out .. I'm sorry for the length of this, but what could this possibly mean?

From what I am assuming, its telling me not to put so much dependability of hitting it big one day in order to get ahead in life.. For the past couple of weeks I've been kind of hoping that I'd win something big..but like I said, this is just an assumption of what it could possibly mean... What do you think?



Good morning, Sherrie.

Oh, can I ever sympathise with your feelings, before, during, and after this dream. We could all use some kind of windfall in such troubled times.

This is what I feel triggered the dream, and you are probably correct that one of the messages is to not depend upon a windfall to get ahead. But it's also telling you to be more careful with what you have. By hiding the ticket in a hockey stick - a piece of sporting equipment that seems to you now to be such a ludicrous hiding place - you were very careless with the opportunity that you had been given - and made matters worse by depending upon it to finance your party. No wonder you were upset with all your guests!

It gets worse. If you didn't forget where you put the ticket, but it's not there later, then obviously one of your party guests took it. This suggests an aquaintance - someone that you have let into your life - is not trustworthy.

The unusual way that you had to discover your good fortune suggests that opportunities exist for you to get what you want, but they may not take the form that you expect.

To recap, the three messages that I can glean from this dream are:

  1. Don't depend upon a windfall (you got this one on your own).
  2. Keep your eyes open for unusual opportunities - and guard them carefully when you do get them.
  3. Be careful whom you trust.

Pleasant dreams (and good fortune),


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