Monday, July 26, 2010

The Funeral

Dear Peregrin,

In my dream, one of my closest friend's husband Jayme died. I was sitting next to her and some of my other friends as the minister said a prayer for him. The casket was open and all of a sudden, Jayme rose from the coffin and began screaming and crying, "Please don't put my body in the ground, please!" He was twitching and my friends were crying. I was hysterical and began screaming. I woke up feeling very sad and scared.


Good morning, Belle.

Death in dreams usually represents some big change in one's life, as the old way of living is left behind; it "dies." This dream speaks of relationships between friends. Something is changing and one party - possibly the person most affected by the change - protests it vehemently. You may be concerned for your friend's marriage, or believe that Jayme is so concerned. Or, this dream could instead be speaking of something in your own life that this couple's relationship reminds you of. I consider the latter more likely, because this dream affected your emotions so strongly.

Pleasant dreams,


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