Monday, July 12, 2010

Herding Cats

Dear Peregrin,

Dream starts with one kitten. As dream progresses, more kittens appear. They seem to be strays interbred with pedigreed. Eventually there are hordes of kittens, some walking on branches outside the bedroom window, some feeding from mother cats on the bed. One kitten was grey with brick-red coloured spots.


Good morning, Wendy.

I used to have similar dreams when I raised mice (the mice were to feed a snake�don't ask!) They would get loose and before long the dream was overrun with mice.

Have you ever heard the expression "(such-and-so) is like trying to herd cats?" Cats are independent, unpredictable, and completely unmanageable. A horde of cats would be even more so!

I see the kittens as little problems, or little responsibilities, the kind that life puts in our way every day. Taken singly, we can deal with them, but they always seem to multiply like the mythical hydra's heads.

Pleasant dreams,


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