Friday, July 30, 2010

Enchanted Melody

Dear Peregrin,

I wake from a dream that I cannot remember, but I am left with a warm feeling throughout my body. I walk slowly down a long winding staircase. Then, I am no longer present. I can see the staircase still, but I am looking down on it from above and I am aware that I am not a part of this reality. I can hear the most beautiful melody in the world. A woman is singing in an extremely expressive language, which I do not understand. It causes me to cry softly. I feel the most amazing rush of emotion. Although I can remember hearing the song with vivid clarity, its tune escapes me. This memory is haunting me. I would give anything to hear it in waking life or even to have the dream once more. I have a dreadful feeling, though, that I will never again hear this piece of music that I believe means everything to my achieving a sort of peace that I had never before belied possible. Help!


Good morning, Chloe.

This sounds to me like a dream of enlightenment. You begin the dream by "awakening." Walking down the stairs could represent becoming closer to your own subconscious. The voice is most likely your own inner voice. The song, likewise, is yours. I think that the dream is saying that you have a great deal of beauty within, and it is up to you to release it -- or reproduce it.

Pleasant dreams,


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