Monday, July 19, 2010

Satan and Choices

Dear Peregrin,

Me and my family were in this hot humid cave and it was like we had just appeared there. No light, just dark, hot, humid! We stumbled around for hours trying to find the way out. Our clothes were drenched in sweat. We kept hearing this fire crackling in the cave but no light. We finally made it to a room in the cave. It was huge, with just enough light to see about 10 feet in front. Then we heard a boom and Satan appeared behind us. He told us that we could choose one person to stay there and the rest of us could go to heaven. He put a huge hourglass in front of us and sat there. Everything we said, he would say the bad that would come of it. After sitting there for hours trying to decide I woke up.


Good morning, Erin.

I see this dream as representing a choice that you have to make, rather than an actual satanic encounter. You have what is called a "devil's choice" to make. It's a no-win situation; no matter what you choose it will not end up to your liking. What you may want to consider is rejecting the choice, or the rules that have been imposed in making the choice.

In the Christian religion and in popular mythology, Satan has no power that you do not give to him. He cannot enforce his rules if you do not agree to them in the first place. Even if you can't get out of a no-win situation, sometimes you can find a course of action where nobody loses.

Pleasant dreams,


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