Friday, July 9, 2010

Look Out, Dorothy

Dear Peregrin,

I've a question to ask. Just a little one. See, I keep having dreams about tornadoes. I have dreams about tornadoes on a regular basis. Does you have any insight as to what tornadoes mean in dreams? All I know is that I am deathly afraid of them, and I've never even seen a real one! Whenever there's a thunderstorm, I hide under the covers, thinking a tornado is going to hit my house, because of the dreams. Weird?


Good morning, Autumn.

A tornado is a powerful force of nature, as close as we may witness to pure chaos in action. It is untamable. I would guess that your dreams indicate that there are similar wild forces in other parts of your life, so that you do not feel as if you are in control.

Now, as to specifics, that's *your* call. Wild, chaotic forces exist in everyone's life: job, school, parents, spouse, children are but a few examples. Look for something in waking life which inspires similar fears.

Pleasant dreams,



  1. Mike has had a recurring one with tornadoes too...but he's not fearful of them. They always JUST miss us, after much scurrying on his part to protect us...and after they move away, something amazing always happens. ;)

  2. It sounds to me as if his lesson is somewhat different, having no extreme fear of twisters. He still scrambles to avoid them in his dreams - so what is he trying to avoid? My gut tells me that it's change, and his dreams are trying to tell him that he does not have to scramble to avoid it. Some changes are inevitable, and some are even good.