Friday, July 23, 2010

The Dirty Church

Dear Peregrin,

Another Sanitarian and myself were inspecting a church for cleanliness. In the large auditorium, we began to mop the tile floors which were filthy. We noticed a mist beginning to rise. The pastor of the church watched us. He seemed very unconcerned and was casually, almost sloppily dressed.. We were aware a service was about to begin. People began to knock at the locked doors. We went outside and informed the parishoners the church was closed. They seemed to be in an ugly mood and began to throw rocks at the church. One shadowy figure began to threaten. I faced off with him and we began to struggle. Here the dream ended.


Good morning, Richard.

"Inspecting a church for cleanliness" sounds, to me, a lot like you are questioning the moral values that you have been taught. Apparently, you find them wanting, and blame those who were responsible for the teaching. You don't feel comfortable passing on these values until you have "cleaned them up." You're not ready to reject these values (you defend the church from threat); you're just re-evaluating them.

Pleasant dreams,


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