Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Can't Play Rugby Like This!

Dear Peregrin,

I enter my dream staring at the deep, dry cuts in each of my hands. No blood is present, but I can see under the skin to the tendons, red muscle, and white bone of the openings in my hands. I am very calm in the dream, and strangely enough I am more upset at the thought that the cuts will keep me from my rugby game than the injuries to my person.


Good morning, Cindy.

You have a serious injury, but are more concerned that it hinders your chosen activity than the injury itself. I would look for a loss in waking life, which most would consider more serious than you seem to do. I would also consider that you're not paying enough attention to your own well-being, and are more worried about "helping the team." This dream may be talking about your job or family. The dream seems to be saying that you need to heal before you can help any further.
Pleasant dreams,


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