Friday, May 18, 2012

Three-Part Escape

The dream started in a van with some other guys who are spies. I was a spy too and I have to sneak into a big room and take something. The room was made of glass so I could see through it. I saw a girl walking in the room then the phone rang and she answered it. I sneaked in while she was talking in the phone and looked for the thing and I found it under the table. The girl was done talking in the phone. I sneaked out then she saw me. After that everything faded and I went back to the past in the van and my friends told me I have to try again and without being caught. So I went back to the room, the phone rang, she answered it, I sneaked in and now I already know where the thing is so I took it and I saw a secret door so I opened it and I saw an elevator. I pressed the button and when the elevator opened, I saw a guy so I just stepped in and the elevator closed. When the elevator opened, I saw some security guards so I just went outside. I saw a kid and he asked me what's on the bag (one I took under the table) and I looked inside and there were just toys so I gave him one and I ran to the van. Then everything faded and there was a 2nd part

I was in a boat with somebody else and I saw a explosion in the land and I saw a head and the arms of a dead man floating in the water. We landed in the land and there were dead people. I saw a girl and she turned into an old lady and I saw a boy looked at her and the old lady looked at the boy then the boy turned into stone so I ran away w/o looking at the old lady. I can't remember what happened to the old lady but at the end my whole family came and I said goodbye to man who was with me in the boat and I went in the car. While we were driving, I saw somebody else was behind us (car). We went into a dead end but I saw a path at the side so we drove in it. There's still a 3rd part

I was with my family and we were walking in a narrow path. At the end of the path, there was a restroom. My mom went to the restroom and me and my sister saw something like a balcony. We saw a rocket or I think its a spaceship going to the moon and the moon was very bright as if there were people in it and I saw Shrek (cartoon) flying and there was a very very big TV and there was the show called Family Feud and I saw the word "kiss" and it was 36 pts.



Good morning, John.

What strikes me about this dream is the video game/action movie quality of it, particularly in the first part where you have a second chance to accomplish your goal. So, you're getting a second chance at something here. It involves some deception, because you're trying to get the bag without the girl noticing. This sounds like you're trying to "get away" with something in a relationship. Whatever you're trying to get, though, doesn't have much value to you - the bag contains only toys and you give one away.

The second part follows the same theme - trying to get away. Boats and water tend to point toward emotional issues, and with dead body parts floating in the water it's likely that you're dreaming of a lack of emotion - feelings that have died. The old lady who turns the boy to stone is a Medusa reference, who was of course a deadly female. I get the impression from this part that you want to end a relationship for which you no longer have feelings - in fact, it may have gone sour.

The third part doesn't seem to fit this theme. A rocket to the moon is a fairly obvious sexual reference, but there's a strong family connection here - not only with your mother and sister present, but also with the Family Feud reference. This part seems to indicate a rift with someone very close to you, as close as a family member, and with whom you'd like to either make up, or get closer to.

If I were to tie all these together into one meaning, I'd have to guess that you're currently in a relationship with someone for whom you no longer have any feelings, and would like to end it so that you can start seeing someone else - someone you've known longer.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. Thank you. In fact, there was a situation about two weeks ago that I where I felt used and unappreciated. Hmmmm. interesting. Thanks again for your enlightening interpretation.