Friday, May 11, 2012

Men love?

This actually two dreams. The first dream. I was getting to know this guy fairly cute. We'd talk on the phone for hours, email, and just hang out. I mean we really talked and got to know each other. I loved him. Then came the day when we meet. Which doesn't make sense, because we've meet before. I remember living in a big white house. A house too big for one person and one cat. As I got ready to go out i remember feeling so nervous that my stomach hurt. Right in the middle of using the bathroom he knocked. I ran down the stairs to answer the door. I opened the door expecting love to come in but he hesitated on the porch. Took one look at me. Then said to his friend, I can't do this. This isn't what i expected. I know then he didn't love me. He wasn't talking about my looks. He meant me. I wasn't what he thought I was. He didn't love me the actually me. He was in love with idea of me. But he couldn't love me. With in that second I knew that is what he meant. I moved a move as if to hug me, then backed away apologizing, and left me. I was so hurt. I thought close the door, go upstairs and forget everything. To never come out again. To be alone and stay alone. Just as I was closing the door ,ready to forget and never feel again. All my friends were outside. They started to argue. They were ready to fight, rip each other apart. I forgot about forgetting and went outside to straighten things out. To make everything better. Then i woke up.

The other dream this guy I work with was talking to me.I mean really talking to me. As soon as he walked away i whispered I wish he would just listen to me. I turned and asked me to repeat myself. I did. He then became obsessed me. Stalking me, calling me. In the apartment i live now became possessed with ghost. My cat became a man. A very hot guy. I was so shocked, that fainted. Then as I was coming around the cat/man told me he love and had missed me.


Good morning, Southfire.

Your first dream speaks of loneliness and disappointment. But I think you have to remember that it goes backward in time for a reason. On the day you first meet him you realize that he doesn't love you, and that is the big disappointment. But earlier in your dream is later in time, and it's obvious that you are in love then. So the message I see here is, what happens is not always what you expect at first. Something that is very important to you has a bad beginning, but that is no reason to give up on it.

Your second dream sounds more like a "be careful what you wish for" message. Your idly whispered wish was granted in the extreme, to the point that it was scary. Meanwhile "true love" was there under your nose, all the time. The cat represents something (or someone) that you overlook because it's there all the time, but is in fact exactly what you are looking for. Meanwhile you're out looking in the wrong place, and what you find is not exactly what you wanted.

Given that both dreams are about relationships, I'd hazard a guess that this is the kind of thing that's on your mind lately. I'd suggest that you take the advice of both dreams - look a little closer to home, and don't give up on a poor beginning.

Pleasant dreams,


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