Friday, May 4, 2012


Ok here it goes.

First I'm in this courtroom in front of what seems to be hundreds of people. I'm on the stand and waiting for a verdict. Somehow it doesn't seem like I'm on trial for anything serious. But some kind of judgement and some sort of crazy verdict. Just before the verdict is read, I run from the courtroom in what seems to be some dark and dreary old house. However, I am familiar with it in the dream.

I exit the building and begin to walk down a fenced in path. Only the walkway is fenced on both sides and high. As I reach the end of the walkway, There is a gate, I exit the gate and then there is another gate, which leads to the open outdoors. It is dark outside and while I am between gates I seem to be in some sort of a cage. However, I am free to exit as I wish.

Suddenly, the 'cage' begins to rattle and I sense some sort of an intruder. I know I sense danger so I sit on the ground and kick the gate which leads to the outdoors open as I barricade the gate by sitting with my back on the first one and my legs firmly holding the other shut.

Then the cage stops shaking and I open the gate and begin to step out and am greeted with two of my dearest friends. Both male. One has cake and has been my best friend since before we could read and the other was a man I was once in love with and probably still am. My former love interest and I lock eyes and embrace. Somehow, we manage to block our faces as some how hiding the kiss that then takes place. Our embraced arms conceal it and I am filled with complete happiness and a sense of peace, not only in my dream but also as I return to the reality of my own existence.


Good morning, DreaminOfYou.

You'll recall from the last time I wrote, that houses represent the dreamer. In this dream you are not in your grandmother's house, a place of comfort, but rather in a courtroom within a dark and dreary place. But it's still you (which is why you know your way around, by the way) - just in a situation you don't particularly like. A situation mirrored from your waking life - you're under scrutiny for something silly and pointless, and you are the one placing yourself there. In essence, it's feelings of excessive and misplaced guilt.

In your dream you flee before the sentence is passed. This is because you recognize that you shouldn't be feeling guilty in the first place. You don't allow yourself to pass judgement.
The cage area is not meant to keep you in - it's meant to keep others out. That's why you can exit whenever you want, and you barricade the gate when you sense danger. This is a place you have built for yourself, to retreat to when you feel threatened.

"Rattling a cage" is a common colloquialism - as in, "when I want your opinion, I'll rattle your cage." I bring this up because it's rattling that threatens you in the dream, which may indicate that you're feeling fear all out of proportion to the situation - someone may only be trying to get your attention.

And when you do open the gate, there is no threat there, only dear friends. The cake and the kiss are both comforting, symbolic of Pathos and Eros - emotional and physical love. It could also be a linguistic reference to "having your cake and eating it too," which can mean that you have great opportunity for happiness if only you are willing to come out of your cage.

Pleasant dreams,


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