Monday, May 7, 2012


I dreamed of my Ex girlfriend last night, I didn't see her for something like a 1 year and a half.

In my dream she was laughing me out and then I said, "what's so funny" (forgot a part then). I found myself into my car with her next to me we are talking about before and then I stepped out of my car for something I don't remember. When I went back to my car I didn't find it, I lost my car and I took one just like this on the street my keys fitted on it. Then my ex girlfriend hands me a letter written with black ink on a folded piece of paper torn out of a writing pad. I couldn't open the letter for reading it. I woke up after that.


Good morning, Hubrechtsen.

I'm guessing that you are currently not in a relationship, and maybe have not been since you split with this girl. This is because she laughs at you in the dream.

Car dreams indicate going somewhere, and being in a car with someone is usually an allegory for your relationship. You found yourself in your car with her in the beginning of the dream, but after you left the car you can't find it again. This is telling you that you cannot go back to that relationship. However, your key fits another car just like it - you can have other relationships, if you can put this one aside.

Pleasant dreams,


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