Monday, February 6, 2012

That's My Name!

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamt I bought a cat and on the cat's tag it said "Jesser" and I called the company I got it from and was really mad because that was my name and its special to me and no one else should have that and I was yelling at them. Then later on I realized whenever you buy something from that company it comes with your name on it.



Good morning, Jesser.

This dream seems to be speaking of misplaced anger. You assume that something was stolen from you (your name), when in fact the real explanation was perfectly innocent - in fact, they were trying to do you a favor. Try to remember if there are any recent times you've become angry with someone, and see if you can think of another possible reason for their behavior.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. hi peregrin,

    i would like to ask you regarding my dream. last night, i dreamed of my parents and a male stranger (i can';t remember his face but he's tall and tanned) and we're riding in a small or cessna airplane. the pilot was my father..the passengers were my mother, the strange guy and i. as we were flying, we passed through a big acacia tree which i feared because i was thinking we would crash but my father managed to pass through. the acacia tree was really big, which stands robusts, bit big trunks and leaves... as we landed, i met an accident which hurt my toes and it wounded and I saw small amount of blood flowing. the color of the blood was red of course. then, the stranger offered an herb to stop the blood.

    what does the dream mean? i hope to hear from you. thank you.