Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boat Bus

My boyfriend told me that he would not drive his car because it was too troublesome to drive. Instead, we took buses to go to a play. On the first bus, he ran into his friends whom he has not seen for a long time. He sat by the right window with one of the friends. I sat on the left aisle seat with one of his friends by the left window. Although I did not know them, and I had never heard that my boyfriend mentioned about them, we all had a good time talking on the bus.

My boyfriend told me that we would get off the bus at the stop right before the bridge (in reality, the bus stop and the bridge actually exist in my home town) because we needed to make a transfer to another bus. We got off the bus, but he realized that it was not the correct stop to transfer to another bus. We took a bus which had the similar route to the one we were supposed to take. The bus driver's wife was standing behind the driver helping passengers if they had questions. We told them that we wanted to go to the theater place. They were nice and told us that they would try to take us to the place although they were not sure the exact location. The driver stopped at a stop, and partially the bus quickly became a big boat. Only did the pointed front boat touch the ground (in reality, I just had a boat ride two weeks ago with my family). We got off the bus/boat. Since the driver was not sure if it was the right place, he got off the bus/boat too. He took the staircase where lead to a stage right in front of the bus stop. He went to the very top and asked the performer on the stage if it was the theater place we were looking for. It was the place.

My boyfriend and I were exchanging sweet smiles. His hands wrapped my waist.

P.S. In reality, my boyfriend and I love each other very much, and we are always very happy being together. However, we cannot freely be together as we wish sometimes. He is in the tough situation which he is not brave enough to take a control over it. He always lets things and others take the lead.

Thank you for your help


Good morning, Judy.

Even if you hadn't told me, it would have been obvious from your dream that you feel your boyfriend lets others take the lead. He'd rather take the bus than drive - let someone else make all the hard decisions.

But if we are to go by your dream, this may not be all that bad right now. The bus driver was helpful and got the two of you to the right place. Perhaps you are in good hands in your waking life as well. Your boyfriend does seem to recognize when you're not in the right place, so he's not completely blind to the situation at hand.

Riding on a boat that carries you safely to your destination is a very good dream symbol - it indicates a relationship that is on course. All in all, I see this as positive dream.

Pleasant dreams,


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