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I'm hoping you can help me- for the past three nights I've dreamt of my son's father (ex-boyfriend). We've been separated for many years now (7 years to be exact) and I have not been in contact with him for over 4 years, which is why these dreams are extremely puzzling to me. If I do dream about him, it's the normal dream of him taking my son away from me (my fear).

The first dream I had about him - he had gotten me pregnant again and the babies (twins) were due in April, April 22nd. I could feel them moving. I was excited to be pregnant again- just not excited with the person whom I happen to be pregnant by. He'd forced me to marry him. I saw the dress, the wedding cake along with other food that was in the reception hall. The wedding gown was actually quite beautiful. His mother and sister stood around me getting me ready- then I woke.

Anyway the next night, I had another dream I had about him. This time it wasn't so dramatic. I dreamt that his mother contacted me and ask if they could see my son. I didn't mind since I told them both (his mother and he) that this past summer I tried to find him because my son wanted to know him. We all (My son's donor/father, His mother and his sister) had a conversation about my son- and then I woke.

Last night, I dreamt we were in this boat and we started talking and next thing I know we were naked and he pulled me on top on him. I was like "what the heck" since I'm not getting any now anyway- what harm could it do? And just in the midst of the act, his girlfriend surprises us. I began laughing because I found it funny because I no longer had those kinds of feelings for him, in truth I just wanted to have sex. Anyway, she makes him choose between her and I. And to my surprise, literally SHOCK! he chooses me. I'm sitting there with an orange sheet wrapped around me stunned- then I woke.

I wouldn't think anything of these dreams except for the fact that they were in consecutive order and all about him. Can you please help me? Do these dreams mean anything? I noticed that when I dream of him like this something always happens. He either shows up or starts calling. Now, I'm wondering if he's tracked me down or if I'm just being paranoid?


Good morning, Cornelia.

I'm going to take these one at a time first, and using my usual methods at first. Then we'll see if we can't expand upon that.

The first dream speaks of new responsibilities with the twin pregnancy. A specific date usually will have some significance, so I'd look toward that date to see if something started or is due. A wedding represents a long-term commitment. You're not happy about the husband - meaning you didn't choose your partner in this new venture and are not sure that you can trust that person.

The second dream speaks of fulfilling old obligations. It's relatively painless for you, meaning that whatever you've committed yourself to do will not cause you any hardships.

The third dream is a bit more personal. It seems to be saying that you long for a casual relationship (business or personal), which turns out to be much more of a commitment than you had intended. This comes as a surprise.

The common thread in all the dreams is the ex. You have attributed fear to this symbol, in the form of losing something (your child) to him. In your dreams he will represent the fear of loss, along with the idea of a relationship gone bad. He could be a warning that you're about to get burned in a relationship.

Taken as a related chain, the warning seems to be along the lines of, go ahead and fulfill the obligations you currently have (with some person or business), but do not begin any new ones unless you're ready for a long-term commitment. Look for something that comes due in April - this could be a bill, for instance, that begins on that date, or a long-standing debt which gets paid off then.

Now, since you've told me that past dreams involving this man tend to predict his presence, we do have to consider the possibility that this is happening again. I can't address that particular worry, because I have no direct experience with prophetic dreaming.

However, the central message is the same, even if your ex represents himself - don't be tempted to get involved again, no matter how convincing his story. It will be your choice to make.

Pleasant dreams,


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