Friday, February 10, 2012

Why Must You Tell My Mother?

Dear Peregrin,

I had such a funky dream last night!

I dreamt that my teacher in my art class taught all of my classes at school. I don't think much of him. It was PE and we were playing some game with eggs and a measuring cup. I said out loud "how do we play" and a girl said throw it at someone's back. So I threw it at someone I knew, Vincent, in the back, (he's not a close friend), and it stabbed him in the neck and he bled. He started wincing and whining and I sat in the corner and watched but wasn't disappointed in myself and wasn't crying either, I didn't care.

So then I ask my teacher to take me to get my tongue and lip each pierced twice. We go, and then my friend Diana's mom takes me to the mall to get smaller rings. Diana brought her cat with her in the car (she doesn't have a cat in reality) and when we got to the mall her mom held it. Somehow I ended up with my art teacher there and Diana and her mom got out of the picture. I wasn't sure where to go to buy what I wanted because I do not like the mall. We went in and after a few minutes I realized we were back at the entrance and I said to my teacher "wait I wanted to buy something" and he said, "oh, right, leaving after only 7 minutes would be pointless."

So we went inside and I found some smaller lip rings but I got in trouble somehow and I can't recall how but it was really bad. He said we should leave and "figure this out" with my mom. I didn't care really. I was just annoyed he was going to bring it to my mom. So we got to my house, and he waited for my mom to get home from work, and I sat in my room and talked to my brother on the Internet. The next thing I know my mom walks in my room. She says did your teacher leave? And I thought "wow how did she know he was here" and I said he usually leaves before you come home (which is funny because he only came to my house to tell my mother I made trouble) So she said "oh."

Then I realized my teacher is standing at the doorway at the corner of my eye and he walks in and says "I would like to discuss something with you" to my mom. So they leave my room smiling and laughing and went off to discuss it. Then I realize my brother is in my room sitting on my bed. I said to him "mom is a cunt face," and he agreed with me.

I left my room to see where my mom and my teacher went and in the room next to me they were in bed together!! My teacher was lying down and my mother was with him giving him very sexual looks. I turned around immediately and was disgusted and when I got back to my room I said ray come here and go down the hallway. So he did and he saw them and was disgusted too. The dream ends with me and my brother in my room sitting around thinking bad of our mom and my art teacher.

That's all of it. thanks for helping me through these trying times with awkward dreams.


Good morning, Jesser.

Most of what I get from this dream is the emotions involved.

You don't like your art teacher very much. By having him teach all the classes at your school, you transfer these feelings toward your art teacher to all of school. You consider it a waste of your time.

You injure a classmate during a game. It's unintentional, but you feel no remorse over it. I get the impression that the lack of feeling disturbs you somewhat, that perhaps you believe you should feel sorry for hurting someone, but you don't.

You get your teacher to take you for piercings. Now the art teacher takes on your father's role, for it was he who actually allowed you to pierce your lip. You feel a lack of respect for this dream figure, because you are able to manipulate him so easily.

You don't like the mall, but you go there anyway. This is because there are things there that you want. In this symbol, you recognize that you must occasionally put up with an unpleasant setting in order to get what you want.

Your friend takes a cat with her but ends up leaving it with her mother. This is an avoidance of responsibility, dumping the pet on someone else to take care of. Someone close to you is shirking responsibilities.

Somehow, getting what you want gets you into trouble. Since you don't recall what happened, then the important thing is the feeling of being in trouble - just as in the title of your dream. Because you feel no personal remorse over anything you've done, your priority is not to avoid the action, but simply to avoid the trouble - or, to look back at the friend with the cat, to avoid responsibility for your actions. You don't feel as if you deserve the trouble.

You catch your teacher and mother in bed together. One meaning of being "in bed together" is to be in any sort of alliance. Here you have two authority figures in alliance - and both seem to be conspiring against you. You get some support from your brother, but he's not in authority here. Rather, he represents your peer group, all of whom agree that you are not in the wrong.

This is just a guess, because again your lip piercing is represented here, that this is the action for which you feel no remorse but have gotten into a bit of trouble over. We know that your mother wouldn't allow it, but you circumvented her authority by getting your father to agree. I can't imagine that this course of action was entirely without consequence.

Pleasant dreams,


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