Friday, February 24, 2012

Holy Warrior

I come home from somewhere, tired. I go to my room and sit on the bed, trying to relax. Then my mom comes in and hands me an open religious book and she tells me to read the open page. I tell her that I'm not in the mood. But then she starts reading it and then I have no way out so I go through it as well. I don't even realize what the whole article is about until I reach the last 2 lines, which I actually READ. It says that hot winds are going to come from the north (actually we do have an enemy in the north) and they will be terrible. Nothing will be able to stop them. Only one ting can. That all the young people of your religion unite and invade the enemy. Then suddenly I see myself near the corner of our 2nd most important place of worship. It is night time and the place is brightly lit (as it usually is in real life). I see a crowd gathered at that corner. There are women in it as well as men. I go u to it and everyone in the crowd is saying that we have defeated the enemy, but only this one last obstacle remain, then we've invaded the enemy. The obstacle whish they are pointing to is something like a speedbraker on the ground, but not as high as a speedbraker. It looks as if it is made of chalk. Then I see a man standing at a higher place and he's got all the material that could be used to break the thing up. They are calling that speedbraker a WALL. Then I see my father standing next to that guy and he's angrily looking at people because people are not trying to break the wall using the instruments that the man is offering. Then I see my sister go up to him and take one of those tools, which is big and long and pointed from both the sides. She tries to break the wall with it but to no avail. She returns the tool to that guy. Then I go and take the same tool from him and hit it on the wall, it only seemed to scratch, that is when I realize that the wall is strong. Then I gather my strength and pull the hammer (or whatever it's called) all the way back and hit it hard on the wall this time. This time there's a breakage in the wall, a small one, and pieces of it fall outwards. I am still in the bowing position when the crowd silences and moves away from me, forming a circle around me. I lift my head and start looking from the left side. I look at the faces and right in front of me is my father. Everyone is staring at me in amazement. Then I was just going to say something when the dream ends.


Good morning, Bibboo.

I may miss a lot of this one because I am not familiar with your culture.

There is an obvious feeling of being threatened. Since you truly do have an enemy so near this is not so unusual. But the dream threat can also signify many things.

Quite a bit of this dream seems like an epiphany - you don't pay much attention to the lesson in the beginning, but during the course of the dream you first feel a unity with others of the same beliefs, and finally emerge as a leader. This seems like a desired outcome.

The wall is the obstacle. It is both smaller and harder than you expect it to be. It is made of chalk - could the obstacle have something to do with school?

The difference in your performance is how you wield the tools provided. This seems to be the real message here - you have been given all the tools you need, now you must learn to use them correctly.

The reaction of the people shows another desire - you want the respect and approval of your family and peers.

So, the message seems to be this: In your current situation, you are bored and the problems seem too difficult. My guess is that this is a school situation. But you have realized that the time is soon coming when you will have to deal with life outside of school - this is the approaching enemy. You understand that you are indeed equal to the challenge - you have been given the tools, and you understand their proper use. You expect to acheive far beyond anyone's expectations of you.

Pleasant dreams,


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