Monday, February 27, 2012

My House Flooding

I keep having a recurring dream that the water tank in my loft keeps overflowing and water is coming through the ceilings, the walls and down the stairs. I feel panicked because I don't know how to stop it and nobody seems to want to help me. I worry that the walls will collapse if I can't stop the water. Why do I keep having this same dream? I dream about it being my house, sometimes the house I lived in with my parents and occasionally houses I don't even know.


Good morning, Karen.

This dream theme probably comes from a feeling of being overwhelmed (flooded) by strong emotion. The house, no matter what it looks like, represents yourself, and the water the emotion. Your concern is that you cannot handle the stress, and you feel that you have no support in this.

Translating this dream was the easy part. Fixing it is another matter. This kind of stress comes from somewhere, and it's my guess that you know the source. In the dreams, you need someone's help, and waking life tends to mirror this. A close friend is needed about now.

Good luck, and pleasant dreams.


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