Monday, February 13, 2012

Shot Girl

I was walking with people I know for a long time and I was complaining about wearing the wrong shoes that if I had known I would have wore my tennis shoes. We were walking to the store. When I got to the store there were people everywhere but I noticed this white girl with dark hair pulled back in a ponytail wearing a blue jacket was bleeding. She was on her knees. Her eyes were closed. Then all of a sudden another girl stood up and pointed a gun at that girl and shot her in the head. Everybody was screaming and running and I was trying to blend in with the background. The shot girl fell backwards. I woke up scared.


Good morning, Confused.

You begin the dream with a complaint that you're not wearing appropriate shoes for the shopping trip. This speaks of being ill-prepared - you're not ready for something, probably because you don't have enough information - you weren't told that you'd be walking so far.

Now, every detail that is important enough to remember means something, but I don't know what the girl with white skin, dark hair, and a blue jacket means to you - or rather, what part of you she represents. The color combination may be the key to figuring her out.

She's already hurt when you first see her, but before anything else can happen she is shot in the head. This most likely means an idea that has been shot down - you've thought of something you'd like to do, but have allowed others' opinions and your own fear prevent you from taking action on it.

Pleasant dreams,


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