Friday, January 6, 2012

Killing Rats

Last night I dreamt that there was a room and upon the floor of this room was a massive rat and I was steeping upon it. There was also an otter present, but I wasn't trying to kill the otter I was killing the rats and the rats seemed very big and meaty when I stepped on them. The otter didn't do anything, as it didn't stay around for long.

Another dream I had the other day was me sitting on my bed and my mother came in and she picked up a leech and the leech was on hr finger. Please tell me what this one means as well.

Yours faithfully


Good morning, Stuart.

Rats represent betrayal (as in, "dirty rat"), and disease, while otters are generally considered playful. In your dream, you're trying to eliminate negative elements that you perceive within yourself. However, in your quest for honor, you lose your sense of fun. In general terms, this is a dream about maturing.

Your other dream seems to be saying that you believe someone your mother associates with is "leeching" from her - taking without giving anything back. It could even be that you feel this way about yourself.

Taken together, these dreams tell me that you may be feeling pressure to take on increased responsibilities at home. You want to be more responsible, but you are afraid that this means no more fun. While to some extent it's true that more duties mean less time for the pursuits of childhood, it's not true that they must be given up completely.

Pleasant dreams,


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