Monday, February 20, 2012

Death and Discount Basketball Tickets

I had died, by something like a mosquito something, or a little tiny plane or something, it wasn't very clear in the dream. So I had died, and was walking around. Nobody could see me. Then I saw my dad and my mom and my young brother all in some place with lots of people around. They were watching home videos of me.

Then I saw my Dad and Mom and young brother in an auditorium with lots of people. I felt that my dying would be very bad, because older had died just a little while ago [my older brother died about 10 months ago]. But I was okay and I wanted to let them know that. I go to my young brother first and start tickling him to let him know I was there. I thought this would work because my young brother once got tickled by older brother on the way to his plot in the cemetery. My young brother understands that I am with him and instructs me to tickle 2 more girls who knew me. I tickle them, too.

Then I am wondering what to do for my dad and mom. It seems like I can touch people if I can't talk to them. I consider massaging Mom's back. The next scene mom and dad are in some place with a big ceiling. I call to Dad [my dad is very interested in spirtual matters and reincarnation and stuff, while my mom is not]. My dad can hear me! I tell my dad that I love him, and he says that he knows. Mom can not hear me.

Dad and mom get in an elevator so that they could come to the floor that I am on. I then see my deceased older brother coming down the hallway. Only then, I am doubting whether it really is him, because he is very tall and looks like a basketball player. He says that yes, it is him. He is in a crowd of people. He then changes. Now he is blond with a beard and blue eyes. There are lots of people around him. Apparently he is a celebrity of some type. He says there is a discount for dad and mom, but wonders how we can get it to them if we are both dead? I say I can get it through.

The next scene, I see dad and mom in a room with another lady. Is it counseling, maybe? I talk to dad so he can hear that I am with him. The lady is asking mom if she believes in the afterlife. Mom is unsure. The counselor says that she, the counselor, maybe believes in the afterlife, or she considers it a possibility or something like that. I want to tell my Dad (since he can hear me) something to say to my mom that will make Mom understand that I am okay and that I am with her. Dad asks me to talk about her pocketbooks [my mom has a lot and adores them] but I can't remember anything significant about them. The dream ends there.

I wake up and I am surprised that it was all just a dream. Somewhere during the dream, I forget where, I think about how a palm reader said I might die early [this is true, a palm reader did tell me this] and about how I did die early.

What's going on in my life: I was upset with dad for getting wrapped up in the details of life and forgetting the big things. i am in school, but I'm going to be going home soon for fall break. I dropped one of my courses a little time ago. nothing else is really going on.



Good morning, Ekua.

Thank you for sharing this rich dream. I usually get one or two lines and am asked to make some sense of it.

Death usually represents a major life change. However, since you dreamed of a departed brother, this one is going to be closer to true death - my guess is that it represents a separation from everything you hold dear. I get this partly from the mosquito/airplane being the cause of death. A mosquito is a carrier of sickness, and an airplane carries people - so, in carrying you away, you are separated from everything else in your life.

This feeling of separation is evident in how you, as a ghost, interact with your family. You feel closest with your younger brother, then your friends, then your father. You felt closer with your older brother than with your mother, who seems the most distant of all your loved ones.
You can touch them but not speak to them - representing a difficulty in communicating. Through persistence, you manage to make your presence known to all and to convey your message to them. You touch each life in a different way - tickling your younger brother and friends (communication through humor, indicating a light-hearted relationship). Your mother receives a massage - your relationship with her is closer, though she doesn't seem to hear you - based upon comforting one another. Only your father can hear you, telling me that perhaps he listens better than the rest while you are awake, as well.

The presence of your older brother is very telling as well. It takes much longer than 10 months to recover from the death of someone so close, but you are starting to feel that you will be able to let him go. The message you are trying to take to your surviving family is that they can let go, too - of both you, and him, though in waking life it is for very different reasons.

The discount to your brother's basketball game is a little perplexing to me. In many belief systems, those who die become stars. A sports star is close, but carries a slightly different nuance - a sports star gets all the attention. It's quite common for families to dwell so much upon those departed that they ignore those left behind - which, if true in your case, could explain some of the feeling of separation in this dream.

I'm not happy with fortune tellers who predict death, because this becomes all that the person can think about for quite some time to come. I can't think of any case in which this would be healthy (as you might guess, my own death was "predicted" in a similar fashion some time ago). Please don't dwell upon this prediction - and avoid that palm reader in the future. We have the time on Earth that we have, and nothing will change that - so it's best to use what we're given reather than obsess about the shortness of it.

Pleasant dreams,


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