Monday, January 2, 2012

The Face In The Tree

Hey hey

I had a very strange dream the other night, and thought it would be very cool to hear someones idea of what it might mean.

Basically, I am in a car driving through a forest. I am going to visit what is in my dream, a very well known monument, popular to visit. What it is is simply a huge face that was carved into a tree thousands of years ago. There are actually two trees with faces, but its just the one that has significance, that people go to see. It has a name, in some other language. Nobody knows how, or by whom it was made.

The reason this face is so outstanding is that it causes a lot people who see it to go mad with fear. So it's a gamble to go visit it. Some people are unaffected, but others are never the same after seeing it.

A person in my dream, no one I know in real life, who I was driving with to visit it told me that once he and his wife, or girlfriend had gone to see it, and later that night after seeing it she had killed herself, because she couldn't bear what she had seen. The thing is, he didn't show any emotion when saying it. It seemed not to bother him at all. And throughout the entire dream I felt no emotion myself, I wasn't afraid or excited when I got to the area where the tree was, but after the man told me about his wife, I decided it would be too risky to look at, and to not see it at all. That was where the dream ended.

An interesting thing about the cold, emotionless state of the dream is that I have felt that way for some time now in my life. Emotionless, unaffected.

Well, I hope that wasn't too long. Thank you very much.


Good morning, Steve.

The reaction to the tree monument suffered by some viewers reminds me, a bit, of what was supposed to happen to people who look upon the face of God, in many religions. Supposedly humans cannot handle divine beauty at full power.

Yet, looking at what happens to the people who never tried, in your dream, to look at the tree, one wonders which is the worst fate. In effect, this rejection leaves one without emotion - stone cold.

The parallel in your life is easy to trace. By refusing to look at the tree because of the risk involved, you feel emotionless. In your life, you may have refused emotional or spiritual risk, and as a result feel nothing. It's a decision that many people make, for the pain evoked by love has no balm, but the alternative is to give up love.

I hope that this was of some use to you. Pleasant dreams,


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