Friday, September 24, 2010

The Crying Pool


My mom had a dream a few nights ago, and it's still on her i took it upon myself to send her dream for your interpretation..! :) she dreamt that she was sitting in a pool of warm water with her deceised father, mother and sister...and her father was crying, and sobbing...!..what could this possibly mean..?



Good morning, Laura.

Water is often said to represent spiritual matters, and visits with deceased relatives frequently indicates regret over some loss - either for the relative themselves or for something else from the past that they represent.

The specific reason for the regret is difficult without some more information. I would like to ask whether your grandfather was at odds with the family religion, and whether he was the only deceased relative in the pool.

I ask because he is the one crying in the pool. One possible reason for that would be a regret (on your mother's part) over him not sharing the same religious values, for in most religions this makes a reunion in the afterlife impossible.

Pleasant dreams,


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