Monday, September 20, 2010

My First Boyfriend

Dear Peregrin,

Can you please help me to interpret my dream?

it starts off when I'm at this party (it's at someone's house0 and I go into the bathroom and someone knocks on the door, so I open the door without even asking who it is, and its this guy I really want to go out with. He comes in saying he needs to talk with me, he turns his back to me and says something like " I wanted to talk to you because..well everyday in history class (im in his class with him)..I was never brave enough to ask you out and..(then he takes a drink of water and smiles, he's acting really nervous this whole time)" but I knew what he was saying (that he was going to ask me out) and immediatly I jump up and kiss him for a few seconds then I say " I was waiting for you to ask me," then he smiles and he kisses me but this time he uses his tongue and I don't think he really knew what he was doing because he was licking my lips and stuff (really gross right!) but the weird thing was I didn't even mind. Then we went out into the living room and were watching tv and we were both sitting it the same chair next to each other and I remember think that I got my first real boyfriend tonight and I was so happy.

What does this mean?



Good morning, Jenny.

Your dream seems to be reflecting your desires. You want this guy to be your boyfriend, so in the dream he is.

In the dream he's too nervous to make the first move. In waking life he may not have given you any indication that he's interested, so your mind is assigning a reason for that apparent lack of interest that also satisfies your own desire.

It's also telling you that you may have to be the one to first take the risk of making your interest known. The bathroom is the most private place in the house, and in your dream you let him in without a question. When he couldn't get the words out, you took the initiative.

Your subconscious is encouraging you to be bold. This is fine up to a point - you can easily afford to risk a bit of embarrassment and talk to the guy. But I get the impression that you think, if you let him do what he wants physically, then you will gain the companionship that you crave. Be careful about this, because it's almost never true outside of dreams.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. Dear Peregrin,
    When I read your response I was so astonished, you described exactly my feelings inside, this just blows me away. you're really good at interpreting dreams and I know whenever I have an uncertain dream, I'll be turning to you for advice.
    thanks so much!!!!!