Monday, September 13, 2010

Goth in a Yellow Dress

Dear Peregrin,

I was in a hotel room when I turned around and I was in car driving with my dad. My dad said you have to babysit. When I got to a cliff i jumped and landed in a shack with 3 kids, all girls. One was layng next to me and I kept thinking I don't want to be here. I walked out of the room and found my mom and sister and I told my mom I didn't want to watch these kids, I didn't feel safe and she said oh well you have to do it anyway. Then there were 20 kids and I was trying to remember their names when I saw a window and climbed out. On the roof was a helicopter. I go in and strapped myself in. We started to fly and the chair leaned back and started to turn. We flew very low. Then we reached a church. called Team Naz. When I got out of the copter I saw my friend Kyle who is a goth. He had his spiked hair and spikes on his arms and his boots on but he had a yellow dress with lace on. I jumped on his back and then he kissed my hand and left purple lip marks and I said cool do it here and i pointed to my cheek so he kissed it then he kissed my lips and we started to make out when a voice called out and said Jadelyn and Kyle you have a detention for kissing in front of a door and I tried to get out of the detention so I said I had to babysit and the guy got mad and said fine if you don't want to listen to God... and I said I would glady take it but I need to call my mom is will be worried. and he ripped up the piece of paper and then I woke up.


Good morning, Jadelyn.

This one is rich with imagery. I see an aversion to responsibility in your dislike of the babysitting job, yet you use it to avoid punishment later. The helicopter represents a rescue from responsibility - by spending time with your friend. Your goth friend wears a dress - do you see yourself as the one "in charge" in that relationship? You're being punished for kissing - do you feel guilty for enjoying the physical part of your relationship?

You're coming to a time in your life when you want desperately to establish your own identity, make your own choices about your life. You may feel resentment toward the claims on your time that your family makes. Rather than avoid and escape, it may be best to try to come to some sort of compromise. This can be tough to do, but worth it in the end.

Pleasant dreams,


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