Monday, September 27, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

I had a vivid dream in which I was close to someone named Charlie. It is a first time ever that a name had come so clearly and if not Charlie then a name definitely starting with a c and sounding like Charlie. I found the dream a bit weird that I live in Asia, originally from US, so the Asian names I hear everyday are different. In the dream I was very very close to this person then somehow we got separated. Who do you think this person is? Will I meet this person in this lifetime? And how can I remember more? why are these dreams coming so frequently now, I have not done anything different than my normal routine.


Good morning, MJ.

It would be helpful to hear some of the details of your dream. It occurs to me, however, that Charlie was a term that American military used for Asian people. You being close to Charlie in your dream could possibly be a a definition of you feeling much closer to Asian people and culture than to people and culture of the place you were born. If you are faced with the possibility of returning to the U.S., a dream like this could result.
It's hard to say why you are dreaming more frequently than usual. This can change simply because we start paying more attention to our dreams, or it could be dietary, or you could have recently had an emotional experience which needs to be sorted out in your mind.
This answer seems very unsatisfying to me, so if you want to tell me more about your situation I'll be glad to look into this further.

Pleasant dreams,


  1. Dear Peregrin,
    Here is some more info on the dream: We meet on a cruise ship probably in time period of 1930-1950s and become close and intimate. We as a couple are trying to hide or run away from someone or something that is trying to separate us or harm us and then at the end we do become separated I don't know how but I think someone strangles me to death.
    Anyway, I can't see this person but he has dark hair and is very handsome, loving and caring BUT I feel that I can't trust him. Sometimes I see two of him like twins or something. Anyway, the cruise liner is beautiful just like the titanic. We spend approximately a week together because i remember the number 7 and i think it means 7 days and attend a ball (as i see myself in a ball gown mixing with a lot of people who are like in a party) and have lots of fun. Hope you can help thanks.
    I have had more dreams of this individual before whose face I cannot see but it is in different situations and in different time eras.

  2. Good morning, MJ.
    Recurring dreams of a faceless significant other tend to illustrate a longing for companionship that you do not yet have. Yet you feel you cannot trust this faceless man, in spite of the fact that you have fun with him. This, plus becoming separated and eventually being killed, could indicate a doomed relationship on the horizon, and warning you to be careful.
    This message seems to be strengthened by your comparison of the ocean liner to the Titanic, playing on the pun (doomed relation-ship). The man seeming to be twins could indicate a two-faced person.
    The conflict is between a desire for a relationship and an inherent distrust of becoming involved with someone. It could point toward a specific relationship, or it could be just a general attitude. Because the man is faceless, I would suspect the latter.
    I hope this was of some help to you. Pleasant dreams.