Monday, September 6, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

For two days in a row I dreamt that my boyfriend cheated on me and in both dreams we ended braking up. In real life there was no indication of anything going wrong, we had the perfect relationship. After two days (after my dreams) he calls me and breaks up with me for no reason at all. The reason is a long story but isn't that strange that two days before we broke up, I actually dreamt twice that we did. I don't understand. Could it have been a warning? From who?


Good morning, Missy.

Precognitive dreams are very elusive when you try to explain them. It's likely that you saw the writing on the wall but never acknowledged it consciously. When someone dreams of such an event, the dream is usually borne of fear of the event happening. If you had such a fear, it's reasonable to assume that there is a reason for it. We're usually a bit smarter and more perceptive than we give ourselves credit for.

There's no doubt that you did get a warning, but if it came from anywhere besides within yourself, no one has ever been able to find out where that would be.

Pleasant dreams,


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