Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot Dogs

Hi Peregrin,

I have had dreams in the last two days involving black dogs. In my last dream, there were three black dogs, small, medium and large in size one next to the other...they looked charred and still. In conjunction with this dream I had another dream where there was metal on the road and all the cars that rode over the metal got flat tires and were offset to the side of the road.

Currently in my life, I just started a new job and am afraid of dogs, and am working to gain more confidence.



Good morning, Yamini.

I'm not so sure that these dreams have connected meanings.

Black dogs are said to have negative connotations, and this is likely to be true for you because of your fear of dogs. But in your dream the dogs cannot threaten you; they are burned. This may speak of conquering your fears.

The other dream seems to speak of sabotage to plans. The drivers are not getting anywhere because of small obstacles. If you were one of the drivers, the dream may be a warning that your current path is treacherous - "steer clear" of obstacles to your plans.

If there is a connecting message to these dreams, it may be that you should not become overconfident. It is good to conquer fear, but fear is not the only obstacle we face in our lives.

Pleasant dreams,


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