Friday, September 10, 2010

On The Mountain

Dear Peregrin,

I am in a place on a mountain facilitating my women's circle- A young Native American woman and I get close- there is an attraction between us. I think she is very beautiful and interesting. We talk. I know she is part Native American like I am. I have a very good feeling about this. We discuss skin color and features- and the way of knowing - the way that we each recognize each other. We look a lot alike. At a certain point I say "they " are being problematical these days. I see some people in the distance coming closer. We must be careful not to mention certain things. I have a feeling of confidence, and am aware of transmitting this to the woman, wanting her to know that somehow I've been able to elude "them" thus far. She asks what things? I say. For example, I never use the word witch. It isn't necessary anyway to use that word. I have a sense of the other women gathering in the meeting room behind us. We will go in and join the group.


Good morning, Ione.

I get a strong sense of religious persecution here, along with an affirmation of your own spirituality. American society is strongly Christian-oriented, and not generally friendly toward non-traditional religions, such as Wicca or the various Native American Ways. It's a curious fact that people who follow "other paths up the mountain" often recognize each other without knowing quite why, just as you recognize the young woman in your dream. You seem to be seeking the companionship of others who share your beliefs, while attempting to avoid those who would vilify you for them.

Pleasant dreams,


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