Monday, October 25, 2010

Blue City


I was hoping you could shed some light on this dream my friend had recently. She sent it to me by email, just to read, and I told her I could send it to somone here on allexperts to interpret.

"I am in my apartment, sleeping on the floor. When I wake up and see that Pablo has walked in and is sitting by my head looking down at me and playing with my hair."

I think I should let you know a couple of things from here about her life just so you know the context. First off, her apartment has no door to it. It's just a blanket that covers the door. She lives in a sort of hostel (for now) where not too many people have doors to begin with, and theres a lot of security so no one really cares. Anyways, when people come over to her house, they just walk on in. This person, Pablo, is someone she recently met at a party. He's a poet, and the night of the party they spent a long time talking to each other. He told her that he's borrowing someone's van to drive to California, and that she is welcome to come. This is really a coincedence since, she has been longing to move to California for a while.

"When he sees that I've woken up, he hands me a poem that he wrote for me. I do not remember all of it, but it had something to do with his eyes turning green and red everytime he looked at me, and how he would like to see me clearly for once. After I read it, he lies down next to me, and starting with his eyes, his whole body starts to get tinted blue. I look up and outside of the window and I see that the sun is rising and that the color of the sun itself is blue, and that the light coming into my room from the sun is slowly turning everything blue, but I am staying the same. Then I decide to get up, and instead of getting up on my feet, I start to float over Pablo's body, so that my eyes are totally lined up with his eyes. He opens them, and looks at me and says that he thinks now is a good time to go. So we walk downstairs holding hands and the sun is not fully risen yet but the streets are all blue now. I am the only non-blue things around. No one is on the streets and it feels like a ghost town, like the whole place is dead. We start to drive away. As I look back at the city, when we reach the last highway exit, the sun is at the top of the sky and the entire city is changing colors, like a moving tie-dye picture. I ask him if he knows what's going on, and realize that all of a sudden he is no longer blue. He's normal. He tells me that now he can see me clearly, now that we have left the city. That's when I wake up"

I'm hoping you could interpret this. I'm a little worried about her going. This guy is nice and all, but I'm going to miss her, and feel like maybe she's rushing things.

Also do you think that it's a good idea for her to go, based on this dream?

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks and take care,


Good morning, Stephanie.

Based upon what I can glean from this dream, I think that your friend is also uncertain of what to do. She obviously feels some attraction for Pablo, and would like to please him. It also seems that she is not quite happy in her current situation, and believes a change of scenery would be good for her - but there's some pressure to make this decision coming from outside sources.
Unfortunately, the dream doesn't give us much information about whether it would be a good idea to go, because it ends right after leaving. If I were talking to her directly, I might ask how the dream made her feel. When everything was blue, did her mood match that color? When she left the city and saw it changing color behind her, was she happy to be on the road, or regretful over having left and missed it?

It seems as if she wants to make this move, and in the end we all tend to do what we want and rationalize it later.

I get the impression from your message that your concern is genuine, and that you are capable of discerning what is good for her, from what is good for you. She may need to discuss this decision with you for exactly those reasons. Just to remember to focus more upon your friend this time, and if she decides to go then by all means keep in touch with her. Such trust is rare.

Pleasant dreams,


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