Monday, October 18, 2010

Green Resort


i saw myself walking through a green road, where there were green plants both sides, covering the wall of a tennis court. I turned left and reached near the sport complex building, it was one storeyed place. i saw primary school students who were tried to be queued by a teacher and there were high school students who were already queued, wearing some green, white clothes, , there were going to practise for a festival. i was dressed like those high school students, but i was also afraid that they would understand i am foreign. The queue went into the building , i didnt kow the moves but a girl who had green eyes, blond wavy hair helped me, and the practise was over. everyone went to the showers, and when i reached my shower, with other 3 people , we heard a voice coming from my side. A suffering man voice was saying "in the army". I was afraid the other people would ask me something because i didn't understand their language, i was afraid they would understand i am foreign. then i pulled out a key for the shower, i unlocked the shower, got into it and again locked it back. I changed clothes there, there was a mirror inside the cabinet, i stared at the mirror, i saw my face and my brown eyes. , then i got out of the shower, a woman was there , she asked in her language "are you leaving now?" i said"yes" , she asked:"are you satisfied with the service?" ,i said "yes", she said "thank you".we talked in her language, it was a slavic language. i took my bag, went to toilet first , than from the same green way, to the road where i got a taxi and said "airport". the place was a very green place.


Good morning, Jada.

Green is a color often signifying growth and healing. It is prevalant throughout your dream. This tells me that the thing you need healed is your fear of being labelled an outcast - you need to feel as if you belong. The people at the center are trying to help you feel this way, but you can't seem to let go of the fear of rejection.

The center is in a school environment, indicating that you need to first learn how to overcome your fears. I get the impression that you succeeded to some extent, because you indicated satisfaction with the service, and then you spent time conversing with someone in her tongue (instead of your own).

You didn't indicate how this dream made you feel, but I would bet that you awoke feeling calm and at peace. Having joined in the celebration, and having cleansed yourself, you are ready to go back to your regular life.

Pleasant dreams,


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