Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alien Teacher

Hello Peregrin,

Can you give me some idea about the meaning of this dream I had this morning right before I woke up. Thank you for your time

I had a dream like I've never had before. I was living in a home that had a large glass window as wide as the wall. As I was standing in the livingroom, I saw a hugh flying saucer so very clearly in every detail and it seemed so real. It was heading right into my livingroom.

I saw an alien in one of the other rooms while I was in another part of the house. One of the aliens was doing something to me waiving his hands up and down to try to paralize me, but his magic didn't work on me. I was awake and alert during the whole thing. He was very nice and I could feel his affection towards me. The aliens had like a human flesh color and were not scary looking. They did not seem to have those big eyes normally displayed on them in pictures.

There seems to have been a woman that came with him, but she looked more human. A tall, thin woman with short black waivy hair who was like an instructor.

There was a group of us listening to their lectures. I was sitting like on a bunk bed or on a seat that was up high. I looked down and saw that one of the aliens dropped something. As we were all leaving, I went over to pick it up. It was a letter to me. I knew this because I took peecks inside to see what it was. It was a real nice letter to me about all my good qualities and that I was a good person, etc. It was a love letter.

There was a wedding. I was part of the wedding ceromony. Like I was a bridesmaid. I had a partner. I had to follow him because I didn't know what I was suppose to do or where I was suppose to stand. The wedding seemed to already be in progress.

Thank you for whatever light you can shed on this very foreign dream.


Good morning, Mary.

Your dream starts with a house. This nearly always indicates yourself, the place you live all the time. Your large picture window indicates an open, friendly personality.

The sequences with the aliens seem to me to be childhood memories, particularly when you are seated very high, with your feet off the floor. The aliens could correspond with adults in these memories, which are very alien to a child's world. Yet it is obvious that they love you, in spite of their strangeness. The letter to you is also intended to bolster your self-image.

The wedding sequence seems like a jump to your current life, where it seems your self-image could use some propping up right now. In this part, you don't know what to do without your partner. You don't even seem to have your own opinions - you don't know where you stand.
If this seems correct to you, then the dream is telling you to gather up the strength that you know you have inside. The alien could not paralyze you - you resisted even though you knew he meant no harm. You need that kind of strength right now.

Pleasant dreams,



  1. Dear Peregrin,
    Thank you SO very much for your help. Yes, I do understand this dream now. This was brought about by an extraordinary experience I had on Wednesday in my craft class at the Senior Center. I am the only non senior citizen in class. I signed up for that class in attempts to find some peace in my life. On Wednesday I was very nervous. I just had another bad experience with a woman and I have been extremely nervous and stressed out. I have an enourmous amount of problems with 99% of women not liking me in particular caucasion women. Through much suffering I trained myself to be a loner because of women not liking me. Apparantly, they are intimidated by my goodness and generous nature. They somehow measure themselves up against me and it angers them. I remembered that when I was young, older women were always accepting of me so I signed up for a class where I could be with women a lot older than me. But on Wednesday, I was completely surrounded in kindness by three women in my crafts class who really like me. We all were born in foreign countries but we are now American citizens for many, many years. I experienced a friendliness I have never experienced before and by three women all at the same time. I felt like I was in the presence of three very kind and loving mothers. They might have sensed I was troubled and needed mothering. Even my own mother has never been this kind and loving towards me and she never has anything nice to say to me. I told the women it was nice to feel like somebody's daughter--I was experiencing being a daughter to 3 real friendly women. And one of them is the sweetest most loving woman I have ever met. I felt like they were my guardian angels. I told them that although I have a mother, I play the mother role to my own mother. My mother in real life is like a child that I have always looked after.
    Thank you. I will treasure this dream and your answer forever.
    Thank you so much for your genorisity in giving me your time. This is the first dream I've sought out people to interpret for me because it seemed extremely important that I understand it.

  2. Good morning, Mary.
    I'm very glad to have been some help, but it honestly looks like you did most of the work yourself.
    It is so good to hear that you are finally getting some positive support. Good move on joining this craft class. My wife also joined a crafting group recently; I think that it has helped her self-esteem as well. Sometimes we all need a bit of a boost from someone else in the ego department. Sometimes we just need to meet some new people and nurture our own creativity.
    If I can ever be of further help to you, don't hesitate to ask.
    Pleasant dreams,