Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

I was running with a bunch of people. Some religious leader, young blonde girl, couldn't know her name. We were trying to avoid "melt down" or destruction of some kind. Saw people get caught with metal cuffs around their necks when fried. There were boats, supposed to be a luxury. We managed to get food from "luxury" place and got on a ship that was restricted. The ship was very bare - nothing on the walls - stark (I think dark green color.) On one of the ships, a sign with lettering on it, and the lettering continued on the wall. The "clean" ship survived. And we found the other survivors, but then realized we had red bumps all around our neck/chest & back. We panicked for a minute thinking we were contagious - but the others weren't concerned. Where the bumps they had also had, there were now only some scars - like a skin tatoo - And we all looked the same. Relief!

The only thing different in my life right now is that I recently quit my job.

Media Gal

Good morning, Media.

Quitting your job can certainly be seen as trying to avoid destruction, especially if you are in a "dead-end" job. You may have seen your job as a kind of enslavement (hence, the metal cuffs). In this context, the religious leader could represent your faith, helping you to get away. The restricted ships could represent college (as in, scholar-ship), in which case your "clean ship" would have a significant impact on your decision of what college to attend, or what course of study. You obviously are feeling a great deal of stress over this decision. Even if you make it all the way through, there is the fear that you won't make it afterwards, but you know of others who have done so. Also, I see a strong desire for conformity in your relief that you all "looked the same."

Pleasant dreams,


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