Friday, October 22, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

I'd like some help interpreting a dream I had over the weekend. To make a long dream short - I found myself back at the age 20 or 21 and had to making my formal debut into society. The dream seemed to drag on as a young man (my escort) and I went from room to room in this large Country Club where there were pictures on the wall of different people in History. In each of the rooms, there were people sitting, having tea and light conversation, we did not speak unless we were spoken to. We finally reached the outside where my mother and a man that is supposed to be her husband (mom's single), are waiting. They present me with a Cadillac Escalade EXT and $200,000 dollars. The dream seemed more like a Wedding Party than a Debutante Ball; there wasn't much dancing or events that you would expect at a Debutante's Ball. Can make heads or tales of it. Would appreciate any insight given.



Good morning, Jin.

I sense in this dream that you are "coming into your own." Your tour of the gallery, showing people throughout history, seems to be an acknowledgement of your roots. Receiving the money and car can be compared to receiving an inheritance, but it doesn't necessarily represent a material inheritance. It could be cultural, or spiritual, or simply an acknowledgement that you are now your own woman.

Pleasant dreams,


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