Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

I have a recurring dream that as a young child I was running through a meadow that was filled with tiny little violets and as I was running through the field I was picking these flowers for my father. In the middle of this field was a huge garage that my father always did his mechanical work in. When I walked into the garage my father was on the other side of the garage and he had a huge engine hoisted up on a rope to the ceiling. This rope was attached to the wall next to where he was standing. As I was running across the garage to give him the flowers that I had picked for him, he reached up and unattached the rope and dropped the engine on me in the middle of the room.


Good morning, Becca.

This dream seems to represent a betrayal of love and trust, though not necessarily by your father -- it could be from someone who normally makes you feel safe and protected. If there has been no such betrayal, then you could take it as a warning from your subconscious of one to come.

Pleasant dreams,


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